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In this tiguar newsletter, we focus on the innovative modular racks for dumbbells and kettlebells from tiguar. What makes them unique? Well, their design opens up extraordinary possibilities for individualization and combining individual modules with each other. Thanks to this, you can create your own rack configuration, the only limits of which are set by your imagination!




Tiguar modular kettlebell rack

The Tiguar modular kettlebell rack is the perfect combination of design and function. It is a solid and durable rack with a steel load-bearing structure and plastic feet that protect the floor. It is equipped with a rubber mat under the weights, which protects the kettlebell from damage and ensures the highest quality of weight storage. The ergonomic dimensions (118.2 cm x 66.4 cm x 85.7 cm) make it ideal for both commercial and home use.

The kettlebell rack is finished with a powder coating, which improves its aesthetics and durability, while the possibility of expanding with additional modules allows you to change its function and dimensions. There is also the possibility of adapting the color of the rack to the client's preferences. Thanks to Polish production, we ensure excellent price, quick availability, and a five-year warranty.


tiguar modular dumbbell rack


The modular Tiguar dumbbell rack, measuring 118.2 cm x 66.4 cm x 88.6 cm and weighing 38 kg, provides durability and stability even with the heaviest dumbbells. It is made of durable steel coated with powder paint and lined with a rubber mat, enhancing its aesthetics and protecting against damage. Available in classic black (RAL9005), with the possibility of other color variants at the customer's request. The rack can be expanded with additional modules, so it will suit your needs. During its assembly, we use black zinc galvanized 10.9 class screws, ensuring durability of the elements' connection and resistance to corrosion. The Tiguar rack is made in Poland, and we confirm its high quality with a five-year warranty.


tiguar modular dumbbell rack with caps


The tiguar dumbbell rack with caps ensures durability and stability thanks to its steel construction and additional enhancements. The caps on the shelves highlight the aesthetics and maintain order. Grooving increases grip, 10.9 class screws provide a secure connection of the rack components, and powder coating ensures corrosion resistance.

The tiguar rack line allows for free expansion with additional modules, so you can adjust our rack to your needs. With production in Poland, we guarantee the highest quality and durability of our racks, confirmed by a five-year warranty.


tiguar battlerope upgrade

We are presenting photos of the new version of the tiguar battle rope. We made some modifications to the rope weave, handle, and the protection in the middle. All of this was done to provide those training with a better product and even better training experiences.





tiguar yoga strap graphite - not only for yoga

After the buckle, it's time to change the color of the entire belt. We invite you to download the new picture and watch and download the video for social media platforms showing what else it can be used for besides yoga.

Dominika Waksmundzka, a trainer running her own club and organizing fitness camps "Forma Na Lata", showed that its use is not limited to yoga practice only.


tiguar roller graphite

We are introducing new photos of the graphite pilates roller.






The splendid interiors of the My Story Gdynia Hotel stand out with elegance and professionalism. Every detail of this place has been carefully thought out to create a unique atmosphere. And what about the gym equipment? Of course, here too, the best guest experiences have been taken care of - the equipment of the tiguar brand, known for its exceptional quality and modern design, was chosen, which perfectly matches the exclusive interior of the Hotel My Story Gdynia.

By choosing tiguar equipment, the Hotel My Story Gdynia sends a clear message to its customers - we are a place that cares about professionalism at every level. Whether it's about service, restaurant offer, interior decor, or gym equipment, everything here is refined in the smallest details.
*Photos come from the hotel gallery:


Tiguar on vacation - as always actively

At the sea, in the forest, or in the mountains? It doesn't matter where you spend your vacation, it's important to remember to train with tiguar equipment.


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