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The launch of the tiguar brand in 2010 was preceded by the idea to introduce improved versions of the then available products to the Polish market. We knew the imperfections and gaps which need to be filled in in order to provide people training in fitness clubs with top quality and solutions guaranteeing maximized benefits of training.

As leaders in the group exercise equipment sector in Poland, we can be sure that our motto to act cleverly, bravely and independently, so close to our partners, clients and equipment users alike, allowed us to become so successful and gain their constantly growing trust. This in turn lets us explore new areas of the industry more and more.

From the very first moments of our presence on the market, it has been our mission to constantly develop and improve our product lines, getting to more and more recipients. When working on any new product, we think about those who will use it to make their training even more efficient. We know that our equipment in good hands can cause real miracles. We are proud that all our lines are designed in Poland and that around half of them are made here. This not only guarantees high quality but also strengthens our economy.

The dynamic growth of export to many European and Asian countries has convinced us that our values and hard work can be appreciated in any country or on any continent. We support people at every level, allowing them to work on their bodies in a comprehensive way. We are present in fitness rooms and gyms, rehab centres, yoga studios, and sports clubs. Where people move, we are there as well. And we are there to make you move better.

equipped fitness clubs

115 621

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the number of countries we have reached

The dynamic growth of export to many European and Asian countries

has convinced us that our values and hard work can be appreciated in any country or on any continent.

Equipment tested during the biggest events

Organizers of the largest European fitness conventions benefited from our experience and resources – International Fitness Showcase in Great Britain, Imperial Fitness Convention Vienna, FitMash Convention in Austria, Xplosion Fitness & Aerobic Convention in Germany and 3D Fitness Convention in Czech Republic. But this is only a part of our experience. We also support small events like fitness clubs, fitness schools and personal trainers.
Today, starting from 2018, our central point on our events’ map is EU4YA by tiguar – the most modern and the largest fitness convention in Poland, which is also the third biggest international event in Europe, preparations for which take the whole year.

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