A.D. 2010. the beginning

A.D. 2010. the beginning

After years of experience, trials and tests a new species with unique genes has been born. tiguar is smart, brave and independent. tiguar brakes the rules, inspires and empowers.

The launch of the tiguar brand in 2010 was preceded by the idea to introduce improved versions of the then available products to the Polish market. We knew the imperfections and gaps which need to be filled in in order to provide people training in fitness clubs with top quality and solutions guaranteeing maximized benefits of training.
The tiguar brand is based on the inner need to manifest what is important to us. Perceiving ourselves and others through the prism of our shared values and beliefs. Expression of what we can give to others and how to positively influence the environment. What kind of people to gather around you.

DNA valid both in 2010 and today.

1. Focus

Focus your energy on what’s important for you.
Remember that success lies in the details.

2. Joy

Do what you love and have fun with it!
Keep your worries and negative thoughts away.
Enjoy every moment!

3. Creativity

Be creative! Set out new rules!
Cross the boundaries!
Walk towards your desired goals
and stop looking back at others.

4. Magnetism

Release your charm and drag attention.
Let your magnetism inspire and evoke emotions.

5. Courage

Explore your strength and do not let go!
Be brave and follow  your dreams!

does it sound interesting?

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