tiguar news #07

While the temperature outside has most of us thinking only about how to cool down, it's a good idea to use this time to stock your warehouse for fall orders. In the meantime, we are sending you a set of marketing materials and information related to the tiguar brand.

ALL YOU NEED is power bands

Going on vacation, many people wonder how to maintain an exercise routine while traveling. The limitations of luggage size and weight are especially felt by those who flying by plane. Please remember that there is a simple solution - tiguar power bands!

Power bands are light and take up little space. At the same time they allow you to perform a comprehensive workout for all muscle parts in any place - it is worth telling. We encourage you to highlight power bands and mini bands in your holiday offer.

NEW PARTNER on board

You can find recently added and previously available photos in the folder on Dropbox.

Coin Tirana is a franchisee of Gruppo Coin Italy operating in Albania for the past 11 years, is owned by Gener2 Group, with a variety of 50 international recognized brand. Among our brands we can mention Z. Zegna, Balmain, Stella McCartney, Zadig and Voltaire, MOSCHINO, Diesel, AX, Hugo Boss, McQ, Elisabetta Franchi, Lacoste, Gant, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Giorgio Armani, Paciotti, Sophia Webster, and much more…Due to its constant growth, the high demand for its products, and its confirmation as the ultimate luxury shopping destination in Albania, Coin Tirana has recently decided to upgrade its status and increase its offerings, implying a higher brand-mix of new premium that are not currently available in the local Albanian-Balkan market. Coin Tirana is geographically located within the ABA Business Center , this being a modern and high-end landmark site of the Albanian capital. 



The new tiguar yoga blanket is available in a version finished with piping and overlock. We decided to do so, because each version had the same number of fans. The final version (or maybe both versions) will be decided by your orders :)

Regardless of the version, the tiguar yoga blanket is a highly durable product made in 100% of recycled materials!

tiguar yoga blanket V2 overlock


tiguar yoga blanket V2 piping


NEW FOTO on Dropbox


tiguar PU dumbbells
We would like to remind you that tiguar PU dumbbells 1-10kg can now also be purchased outside the set. So you can order specific weights.


If you need any graphic or video content, just let us know! We would be happy to create materials which help you sell tiguar products.

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