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Hello friends! October in many countries (including Poland) brought a return to epidemic restrictions. Fitness clubs have closed again and citizens are advised to stay home. But we know, how important physical activity is for health! That is why we support our clients in training at their homes.

That is why we have prepared graphics that will help you promote tiguar equipment for individual users - below you find graphics and links.

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With the new month, we are sending you new videos with inspiration for exercise. As always the source files are in the distributors area on Dropbox.

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To become a Master - you have to...
Contrary to the common belief strength sports require incredible mental preparation. Apart from being consequent and patient, by the way, features which are essential almost everywhere, strength training involves stimulation and the maximum concentration at the same time. These sports are specific and clear. The weight bar and plates will always confirm who is the strongest. What is more, they guarantee to live a life without any injuries with a well-built body and enormous capabilities. Who would not dream of being like Superman?

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