tiguar news #17

On this edition of our monthly newsletter, we are pleased to present you someting special - tiguar aerial catalog and a set of lifestyle photos from our latest photo shoot! The materials are ready-to-use on your company websites and social networks.

tiguar aerial CATALOG

Driven by the need for continuous development, a large part of our clients is looking for new experiences, as well as conscious, in-depth movement combined with mental training. To satisfy their needs, we have also focused on aerial training, which combines fitness, acrobatics, dance and yoga elements in a unique way. This resulted in creating and introducing into our offer the tiguar aerial product line.

After months of work, we are happy to present you the tiguar aerial line!

The tiguar aerial line is dedicated to professional fitness clubs, yoga studios and home users searching for premium products. The line is characterized by uncompromising quality, Polish production, beautiful colors and the highest attention to safety.

In this newsletter, we are pleased to present you our brand new tiguar aerial catalog - fourteen pages, on which we introduce all the products from the new line and we answer all the most essential questions.


tiguar aerial LIFESTYLE PHOTOS

We invited two outstanding aerial competitors – Urszula Machowska and Jagoda Lasota - to participate in the inaugural session of the tiguar aerial line.

Urszula is a Polish Aerial Hoop Art Champion in professional category (Pole &Aerial IPSF Polish Championships 2021) and fourth place winner at the World Championships in Aerial Hoop Art Professional (IPSF World Pole and Aerial Championships 2021).

Jagoda is a Polish Champion in Aerial Hoop Art in semi-professional category (Pole &Aerial IPSF Polish Championships 2021), European Champion in Aerial Hoop (2019) and third place winner at the World Championships in aerial acrobatics (POSA Aerial World Championship 2019).

We are pleased to inform you, that the first ten photos from tiguar aerial photoshoot are finally here! All the photos from this photo shoot are ready-to-use as the advertising material for tiguar aerial


If you need any graphic or video content, just let us know! We would be happy to create materials which help you sell tiguar products.

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