tiguar news #12

On this edition of our monthly newsletter, we are pleased to present you a set of brand new advertising materials - such as photos from a workout with Anna Lewandowska and a video with examples of exercises with tiguar sliders. The materials are ready-to-use on your company websites and social networks. We also share new information about tiguar products delivery dates and some insights from our latest marketing action Pimp My Club by tiguar.

tiguar workout with ANNA LEWANDOWSKA

Anna Lewandowska, well-known polish fitness trainer and influencer used tiguar equipment during the workout she organized in Warsaw. Here are some photos from the workout.



We also prepared videos showing exercises with one of our newest products - tiguar sliders.

TIGUAR EXUIPMENT delivery dates

We gathered the newest information about tiguar equipment delivery dates:

body ball safety plus 65cm purple, air disc purple - 2-3.12.2021

vinyl dumbbells 0,5kg, 1kg, 1,5kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg - 07.12.2021

PU weight plates 2,5kg, 5kg, straight PU barbells 15kg, curl PU barbells 20kg, 25kg - 3-6.12.2021

Pilates roller - in the middle of the month

PU dumbbells set 1-10kg, PU dumbbells 2,5kg-40kg - in the middle of the month

PIMP MY CLUB by tiguar

Pimp My Club, the competition we organized during the last few months, was like no other contest in Poland. We invited polish fitness clubs to attend and to record video materials about their love for fitness and their relationship with tiguar. As the main prize, we decided to giveaway tiguar fitness equimpent with a value of 50 thousand zlotys.

The results exceeded our expectations. Over 100 fitness clubs attended and we received dozens of amazing videos showing passion and commitment of the people from our industry.

Amazed by such a great feedback, we also decided to organize the additional competition, where the winner was decided by public vote. Around 1000 people shared the information about the audience voting and thanks to that we reached over 300 thousand people and received over 10 thousand votes for the clubs attending the contest.

Organizing such contests have an enormous marketing potential and might be a perfect way of reaching new fitness clubs.



If you need any graphic or video content, just let us know! We would be happy to create materials which help you sell tiguar products.

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