Paweł Oracz
Paweł OraczInternational aerobic & fitness presenter
The lack of results can kill passion. That is why every day I take care of my and my clients’ results. I plan, I act, I achieve goals. I visualize peaks on the map of my life and conquer them. With hard work, education, determination, and persistence. I value professionalism which manifests itself in moments when we grow disheartened. Thanks to it, our discouragement doesn’t influence the outcome. What is to be done is done.
Karolina Nowotka-Szubska
Karolina Nowotka-SzubskaMaster Trainer in Open Mind School. Co-owner of Indigo Studio Pilates & Fitness
I never try to comply with the imposed limitations. Just as I have never let myself be categorized by one sport. I love dance as much as weightlifting or mental training. Being open to new experiences lets me fill the life with millions of colours. It is no secret, though, that my favourite one has lately been Indigo.
Arkadiusz Ostręga
Arkadiusz OstręgaMastermind behind Two-time Polish Champion in Kyokushin Karate
I want to contribute to the World. I want to inspire, motivate and support others. I want to wake up those who don’t believe in themselves, who ‘don’t have strength’, who are ‘too old’ or ‘born losers’. I want a lot so I look for solutions all the time. I only stop to celebrate my successes as well as wins of my closest and people under my charge. And then bravely I keep on running to manage to achieve all I dream of.
Małgorzata Prochownik
Małgorzata ProchownikFitness school general manager, pilates instruktor, personal trainer
Why is it worth setting yourself goals for future? To live in a present moment. I know what I want and how I can get it and that is why I can enjoy every moment which gets me closer to achieving my plans. New qualifications as a fitness instructor, the completion of painting course, a house at the seaside. I can see myself extremely happy then and there. Walking my own path gives me the true joy – the joy of here and now.
Artur Miśkiewicz
Artur MiśkiewiczThree-time Polish Champion and twice European Silver Medallist in MTB Downhill. Personal trainer
Our whole life consists of decisions. Those made years ago still influence what’s happening now in my life. That is why in order to choose wisely, I listen to myself. When my body says, ‘give up gym equipment, train with your own weight’, I listen to it. The fact that I am exactly where I have always wanted to be is a sign that I precisely know what is best for me.
Aleksandra Jędrosz
Aleksandra JędroszPersonal trainer, fitness instructor
Every day I meet people who avoid shortcuts just like me. They motivate me to try harder constantly. For some of them, I am a role model, others inspire me. The energy I get from the gym full of people during my afternoon classes can’t be compared even with my beloved espresso.
Anita Szymańska
Anita SzymańskaFitness instructor
I observe, analyse, draw conclusions. I think. That is why I always make decisions which allow me to move confidently in the right direction. On my way, I never go past anyone indifferently. I want to enjoy life and bring joy into the lives of people I meet. When our paths cross at the fitness gym, I do my best to be a perfect guide.
Aleksandra Banasiak
Aleksandra BanasiakFitness instructor. Her makeover earned her a cover on Be Active Magazine
You can be either your worst enemy or your best ally. You decide. When I had to choose between the fight for myself and putting my fate in the hands of others, I accepted the challenge and single-handedly faced the battle. I beat anorexia on my own. Now I know that the sky is the limit and that the hunger for life can overcome any weakness of mind and body.