the tiguar manifesto

We live in a time of the deficit of balance and values, surrounded with patterns that are often deprived of the simplicity and authenticity. Focused on the movement and body care, we forget what is their actual aim and what they should lead to.

The way you look and the kind of physical activity you prefer is not important and should not be subject to assessment. What really matters is how you feel about it and if a given activity works out well for you. Does it make you agile and healthy? Does it make you enjoy your life? First and foremost, does it make you a better and a happier man?

We offer you various paths. We persevere in discovering the new ones. Choose your own path, in tune with yourself. In tune with your body, mind, and heart. Make the most of the present moment in your life. Have the courage to face your weaknesses. Be independent and sturdy in exploring yourself.

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